The Edge Partnership of Schools in Birmingham Charity (EPSB) is a registered charity, and represents a significant innovation in secondary education: a formal, charitable partnership which delivers a range of services and programmes within the community.

At our heart is the belief in actions. Actions to enable young people to improve their life chances, to develop greater self belief and an awareness of the world around them. Actions to develop the qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills that employers want and individual people need. We believe in sustainable solutions, cutting dependency and genuinely bottom-up solutions.

EPSB has delivered a range of solutions within an educational and community cohesion context (see news and services), and has been supported by both being a social enterprise and gaining an income and receiving grant income from organisations such as the Big Lottery and the Weston Garfield Trust.

EPSB offers: cover supervision services; educational consultancy; a range of interventions in maths, English and science; practical leadership and employability programmes using employers, musicians, and high level sports-players and school support.